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• No Hollywood Happily-Ever-After's

• No Overly Simplified Platitudes

• No Romanticized Nonsense

WHAT LOVE IS about what it takes to actually stand behind the loving words we too often say without understanding what they really mean, or perhaps more accurately, without understanding what we must do in order to give our words meaning. Love doesn’t come with an instruction manual but this little book just might help.

THE GREATER POSSIBILITIES: 125 Reflections on the Method & Meaning of Genuine Success is a bare-bones guide to what genuine success is and how to get there. Nothing extra -- just simple principles, clearly explained with equally clear directions about putting it all to work in your life. Small book, bite-size reflections, big impact. The only reason this is not a quick read is that you will be rereading it. Don't just read The Greater Possibilities --- use it, put it to work. Buy more than one copy because you will want to make a gift of this one. Executives, Managers, Life Coaches: an excellent gift for employees and clients.

EMBRACING FEAR: How to Turn What Scares Us into Our Greatest Gift explores the one thing that we all have in common: fear. Thom contends that we waste our efforts and energy when we are trying to “get rid of” fear, and insists that the real task is to change our relationship with fear. Includes his four-step plan (the acronym F.E.A.R.) for making that change. 


LIFE WITHOUT ED: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder & How You Can Too is written by Jenni Schaefer with therapeutic exercises contributed by Thom. This is the story of Jenni’s journey into recovery, with Thom as her therapist and guide.

THE SELF-FORGIVENESS HANDBOOK: Treating Yourself with the Love & Compassion You May Not Know You Deserve  This is a step-by-step guide to overcoming damaging self-criticism, developing a compassionate relationship with the self, and living a more positive and productive life, free of the committee of internal voices that dismiss strengths and magnify blunders and mistakes. The Self-Forgiveness Handbook takes readers through a program of guided exercises that introduce and reinforce the seven essential components of self-forgiveness and personal responsibility. 

EARNING YOUR OWN RESPECT: A Handbook of Personal Responsibility shows us that we all have what it takes to live meaningful lives. The key is to live responsibly and Thom provides a step by step program for connecting or reconnecting to our own good judgment and earning the respect of the one person we need to trust above all others: ourselves. This book is currently out of print but available on amazon as a used book.

THE ANTIDOTE: Responding to the Ridiculous & Dangerous Over-Simplifications of The Secret

In our current ultra-polarized world, if you are a fan of the best-selling book and dvd project, The Secret, you may be likely to dismiss this little e-book without much thought. What Thom hopes is that, especially given its e-book accessibility and inexpensive price, that readers who have enjoyed and benefited from The Secret will read The Antidote. The book even begins with a list of positive things about the book. The Antidote appeals to the part of readers who understand that sometimes over-simplification can be helpful and sometimes it can even be dangerous. Sometimes (too often according to this author), self-help writers and their publishers take advantage of readers' desire of easy answers to life's complex problems. 


SIT DOWN & SHUT UP: A Guide to Simple Meditation & Practical Wisdom 

Laugh. Think. Feel. Wonder. Repeat. Best selling author, Thom Rutledge, has always had a way of blending humor with the intensity that comes with facing long-standing fear, shame, and anger. With Sit Down & Shut Up, he brings the humor to the foreground without losing any of the down-to-earth usefulness readers have come to expect from him. This book belongs in a genre that is uniquely Thom Rutledge. Let's call it Self-Helpful Entertainment. Order now and get ready to sit down and shut up. Or shout at the top of your lungs. As Thom is known to say, "totally your call."

Both CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE RECOVERING SOUL and its accompanying DAILY INSPIRATIONS have contributions from Thom.

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