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The Anxiety Coaches Podcast (ACP) is a twice weekly show with your coach and host Gina Ryan. Along with our team of coaches, we bring you a new discussion of some aspect of anxiety every Sunday and Wednesday. And for those of you who want a little one-on-one help we offer coaching services!

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Listen to Thom's Podcast Interviews

Below are podcast interviews with hosts/interviewers with whom I have thoroughly loved working. I hope there is more to come with each of them. In the mean time, I hope you will enjoy and benefit from listening to these interviews/conversations. Please share any or all with anyone you know who might have an interest. ALSO I recommend that you not stop with my interviews. I encourage you to listen to more from each of these podcast hosts -- and subscribe to their podcasts. Thom
Small Heading

A Message from Meret Boxler

For much too long, I was waiting to fully engage in life. Waiting for the green light to come on. Once I was skinny. Once I had figured out a way of keeping my weight in check, once I was better at ALL of what I did… Hoping that—once I had all my ducks in a row—I could eliminate failure and rejection. And then, THEN, I would finally, finally allow myself to enjoy, to love, to be loved, to be seen, to laugh or—for that matter—to blog. 


Yeah, riiiiight. It just doesn’t work that way. My life started resembling a prison cell that was slowly getting smaller while I WAS THE ONE that held myself prisoner. My food-rules were getting out of hand, my exercise habits did too, and my life looked nothing like I had imagined. No love, no desire, no passion, no purpose, no real joy. Just rules. 

So I figured… What the heck! If I wait until it’s all sunshine and rainbows, no blog or podcast of mine will ever see daylight! I started to give my inner perfectionistic demon Gremlin the finger and started talking about my issues, my struggles and my shame. 

I’ll tell you what: It’s wildly encouraging. For others, AND for myself. 

Take this lesson for today: Own your story. Start living now. The world is waiting for you. 



Meret Boxler interviews Thom Rutledge



AND help for parents, spouses, friends of sufferers 

A Message from Tabitha Farrar
Having made a full recovery from Anorexia as an adult, I can tell you recovery is not only achievable for any person who does the work required to get there, but that it is worth everything you put into it. Nobody chooses to have an eating disorder, but we do get to choose the path out. While it it a tough road (if it were easy, you would have done it already, right?) it is not a road that you have to walk alone. There is support, and it is closer than you think. Sometimes the biggest step is reaching out and allowing others to help you up. 

I like to talk about food, and eating, a lot in reference to Anorexia recovery. While this may seem revolutionary to some, to me it is fundamental. To recover from a restrictive eating disorder one has to eat a lot of food. A lot of food. To stay recovered one has to keep eating food for the rest of one's life. With that in mind, let's talk about overcoming the fear and helping people eat!
                                                                                       -Tabitha Farrar

Tabitha Farrar interviews Thom Rutledge


Not defEATed… with Hadley & Helen

Raising awareness of mental illness

Breaking stigma & fighting for better care

A new podcast series called Mind Matters in which Hadley or Helen interview a different guest each episode to discuss a variety of different topics, experiences and views around various different matters of the mind.

Practical Guidance for Anyone with an Interest in Eating Disorder Recovery


In February 2009, I was invited by Shannon Cutts to serve on the advisory board for what was about to become a much bigger project than any of its founders could have foreseen: the creation of the very first global online eating disorders nonprofit mentoring community. Shannon and her team had built an online-based community offering multiple services, including support groups for specific topics, chat-based support group meetings facilitated by recovered persons, and, at the very center of it all, the opportunity for recovering people (mentees) to match one-to-one with recovered persons (mentors) for additional, ongoing, peer-based, non-medical recovery support.

I approached Shannon with the idea of offering monthly free live teleconferences as a chance for community members and the greater recovery community to hear encouragement from eating disorder experts and recovered persons on a regular basis. She loved the idea (whew!) and we got to work lining up our first season of speakers.  We also chose to record each live presentation so members and others who could not attend the live events would have another way to listen in. What we quickly discovered was that people would download and listen to the recorded podcasts many, many times for ongoing support. In time, the teleconference series took on a life of its own - a life that continues to this day.

​After 8 years, Mentor Connect has at last closed its doors. Yet they have done so with the knowledge that today, there are other nonprofit organizations continuing the work of providing peer-based mentoring in all its many forms for the benefit of recovering people, recovered people, parents, loved ones and treatment professionals.

When we first came up with the idea to do monthly teleconferences for Mentor Connect, Shannon Cutts had the wisdom to record and edit each program and make them available to anyone who had not been able to participate on the date of the teleconference. I have never stopped hearing from people who have benefited from these podcasts -- people struggling with eating disorders, families, friends and health professionals. Now that Mentor Connect has closed up shop I want to be sure that these podcasts remain available for others who have yet to discovered the need for this kind of help. Recovery does not happen in isolation. We need each other. Please help spread the word about these podcasts to anyone you know who might benefit. Thank you for your interest in this work and for your support. Thom 


There were many more Mentor Connect Teleconferences with well-known experts in eating disorders and eating disorders recovery.

You may be able to find some with online search. 


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