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About Simple Truth
I still find myself pleasantly surprised that my first book is still out there doing some good. An English major in the 1970's who was surely going to write the great American novel or become a rich and famous poet, it had never once considered the possibility of wring a self-help book. Simple Truth is a series of therapeutic exercises I created for individual clients and therapy groups. Most of it was written before I even recognized it was a book. I love that the very first chapter of my first book is about dispelling "The Myth of Singularity" and describing how the nature of human consciousness is multiple, not singularity. That concept  remains the center piece for my INTRApersonal Change Process Model today. 
The well known adage is that "it is okay if we talk to ourselves as long as we don't answer back." Not so. I begin my professional training events making the point that as mental health professionals a significant part of our job is to teach our clients and students how to "answer back," how to be sure the negative, self-sabotaging and often destructive voice that speaks first for many of us does not get the last word. We teach people that it is possible and important that we learn to disagree with ourselves, that we we have choices about what we believe that we previously did not know we had. And in beginning Simple Truth this way, I did not realize what I can see now: I was writing the first chapter of what would become many many chapters that have become ten (10) books --- and counting. 
I call Simple Truth my book for people who don't want to read a self-help book. You can read it from front cover to back or you can read it the way I wrote it, each chapter and exercise as a very brief and stand alone challenge to think about something in way you have not  before. Through the years I have heard from individuals who have used the exercises, from support groups who ave used Simple Truth as part of their group process and from mental health professionals who use it with individual clients and with therapy groups.
Because I believe that Simple Truth is an excellent resource for groups, I offer it here with a discount when buying 10 copies in hopes that those of you who are involved with groups that my benefit will consider bringing the book into that setting. 
If you or your organization would like to place a larger order, please contact me ( so we can arrange larger discounts.
Thank you.
Thom Rutledge / 2017


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