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YOU MAY BE SANER THAN YOU THINK: A Thought-Provoking Look at the Goings-On Between Our Ears
THE GREATER POSSIBILITIES: Building Success from the Inside Out
THE RECOVERY DECISION: The Necessary Foundation for a Strong & Lasting Recovery
BEYOND YOUR EATING DISORDER: What You Can Really Do to Recover
EMBRACING FEAR, FINDING COURAGE: How to Say No to Fear's Control & How to Live with Courage
THE POWER OF SELF-FORGIVENESS: Dispelling the Myths & Establishing the Truth about Loving Ourselves




I have always found it difficult to describe what I do with any presentation. I can say this with certainty: I have never given the exact same speech or workshop more than one time. The material I work with, even that I've worked with for many years, remains fresh to me because I am forever re-thinking/revising what has gone before. As corny as it sounds, this is the truth: I continue to learn so much from my audiences and workshop participants because when I work, I am in a collborative place. It is not at all unusual for me to change something in my presentation because of a point a participant makes that had not occurred to me. I am a big fan of curiosity and when it comes to the practice of collaborative learning, sometimes I am going to have an excellent response to a question and sometimes the best response is going to come from a program participant.


All of this to say, if you are interested in hiring me to bring my dog-n-pony show to your organization or event, know that the collaboration begins you letting me know more specifically what you are wanting for your group. Whatever we decide to call the presentation, more than anything I want to do my best to respond to your audience's specific needs. Of course we are not get it right for every single individual, but we sure as hell can make a presentation more relevant with genuine curiosity and interaction.


If you have any questions at all and/or you just want us to get started with setting up an event, let me hear from you. My preferred way to communicate is email but my wife has taught me that some people are telephone people --- so if prefer to talk voice to voice, give me your phone # and I will be glad to call you.


Thank you for your intersted in my work.



EXPERIENTIAL THERAPY FOR GENERAL PRACTICE: Theory & Pracitce for Experiential Techniques for Individual,

Relationship & Group Psychotherapy

CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER: Avoiding Burn Out & Compassion Fatigue, Creating a Practice of Self-Compassion


TALKING TO DENIAL: How to Avoid Power Sturggle & Make Good Use of Recovery's Arch Enemy


PRACTICAL SELF-COMPASSION: Guiding Clients from Shame & Fear to Compassion & Personal Responsibility

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