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Thom self-published his first two books, Simple Truth (1990) and If I Were They (1992).


New Harbinger Publications published the first edition of The Self-Forgiveness Handbook (1997) and Earning Your Own Respect (1998)


Embracing Fear was published by Harper SanFrancisco (now HarperOne) in 2002. Paperback edition of Embracing Fear was released in 2005. 


Life without Ed (Jenni Schaefer with Thom Rutledge) was published by McGraw-Hill (2003).


Nutshell Essays was published by iUniverse Publishing in 2005.


The Self-Forgiveness Handbook was re-released in 2015. (Booklocker Publishers)


Nutshell Essays, Volume 2 (2010) Only available as pdf e-book from author


The Greater Possibilities, published by CreateSpace (Amazon) in 2016


What Love Is, published by CreateSpace (Amazon) in 2017


Practice Makes Practice: From Self-Judgment to Self-Compassion (An Audio Workbook), originally published by New Harbinger Publications in 1998. Re-Released (Self Published) in 2018.

Sit Down & Shut Up: A Guide to Simple Meditation. Kindle E-Book available on Amazon. 2018





The Fourth Freedom: Reflections on the Living a Courageous Life (Publication Date: Spring 2019)

The Recovery Decision: Establishing a Solid Foundation for Long-Term Addiction Recovery (Publication Date not set)

Nutshell Essays: Brief Lesson for Big Change (2nd Edition), scheduled for publication Spring 2020

Earning Your Own Respect: A Handbook of Personal Responsibility (2nd Edition), scheduled for publication Fall 2020


Something to Read: A Collection of Words, Sentences, Paragraphs & Punctuation Marks (Publication Date not set)

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