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Thom's very first book is available again, exclusively from his Nashville office. Learn more about Thom's many other books HERE, but to order Thom's first book, DOWNLOAD THIS PDF.

Welcome to the Website of Thom Rutledge where you can learn about the many facets of this innovative psychotherapist, writer and humorist. Thom's approach to his work, in all its forms, is always informal, conversational and collaborative. Here you will find information about Thom's books, about his work as a psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and about Start Right Here, the weekly podcast Thom co-hosts with Dr. Allen Berger. The FREE Download page has many handouts, articles and excerpts that you are welcome to access and share with others who might benefit. If you are interested in consulting with Thom privately, have a comment/question about the podcast or are interested in hiring him for a speaking engagement, send us an email from the Contact Page. Thank you for your interest in Thom's work.



Psychotherapist FOR 40+ YEARS



. . . AND A KILLER Card Trick 

About Thom Rutledge

Best-selling author, Thom, is the inspirational, motivational and constantly entertaining speaker for your next event. He has been featured on NBC's Today Show, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360º, Australia's Channel 10 and has consulted for The Dr. Phil Show. Always practical and down-to-earth, Thom will teach your audience something they can put to work in their lives immediately.

Thom's Personal Mission Statement

At 67, having been in intimate conversation with people about most every subject imaginable for the past 40+ years, having written several books about fear, forgiveness, self-respect, addiction, eating disorders, relationships, love, success and even meditation, having spent years on the road facilitating professional training seminars and personal growth workshops, I am just looking for opportunities to talk with people about what I consider the most fascinating things I have learned. If you have a group of people -- employees, friends, clients, patients, Congress, whatever -- please consider inviting me to speak and/or facilitate a program for you. Thank you. And peace be with you. TR

In these COVIDays, things like traveling and even spending a day in the same room with each other are not options but one of the professional silver linings of this crisis has been the opportunity to become comfortable doing group work virtually. If you have a support group or professional staff that might benefit -- and maybe enjoy -- something a little different, let's talk about doing a short program together. I am happy to do that myself or consider a program with my podcast co-host, Dr. Allen Berger and me together. Email me if you have an interest and we'll figure out what would work best for your organization or group.  -Thom                   






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