Thom is available for a limited amount of Zoom/telephone consultations, so you don’t have to live in, or travel to, Nashville to benefit from his wisdom and guidance (and his humor). Thom will work with you to determine what you want to gain from your phone sessions, whether you decide to book just one session or several.


Take a look at the following information and if you would like to book some telephone time with Thom, e-mail



Telephone consultations with Thom can serve any number of purposes. The sessions are available to help in a way that makes sense to you. For instance…


• Occasional sessions as an adjunct to therapy and support in which you are already involved


• Regular sessions as a part of your on-going support system


• A few sessions to help deal with a specific problem or decision


• An occasional “tune up” session to help keep you on the recovery path


• One or two sessions to get some coaching from Thom about how to use methods described in his books


• As short-term aftercare following participation in one of Thom’s weekend retreats --- or as preparation before attending a retreat


+ Important Note: Before your first telephone consultation, please sign the “Statement of Responsibility” and return via email or mail to Thom Rutledge / 331 22nd Ave N, Ste One / Nashville, TN 37203. (You can scan the application and statement of responsibility or just take a photo with phone.)





Please read the following policies carefully and be sure you understand them. Thank you.



$225 for a 60 minute session. 90 minute sessions are $300.


The final 5-7 minutes of a phone consultation is reserved for, summarizing the session, business matters, including making additional appointments.



An invoice for the session with be sent by email after each session. Payment is due at the time of each session unless specifically arranged otherwise. An invoice will be sent on day of the session or very shortly thereafter.


Post to:

Thom Rutledge

331 22nd Avenue North, Suite One

Nashville, Tennessee 37203



If it becomes necessary to cancel a session, please do so by 10:00 p.m. (Central Time) the evening before scheduled appointment. The rationale for this policy is not punitive, it makes it possible for cancelled appointment times to be offered to other clients. (Voice mail and email is available for messages 24 hours a day.) SESSIONS CANCELED WITH LESS NOTICE WILL INCUR CHARGE FOR THE FULL FEE.




• Telephone appointment times are arranged by email:


• The client is responsible for long distance phone calls.


• At the time of the appointment, the client calls (615) 308-0235, unless otherwise specified. With ZOOM, Thom's user name is simply thomrutledge. If you call earlier than the specified time, you will get voice mail. If you do call at appointment time and get voice mail, hang up and call again. In the event there are problems connection with ZOOM or phone, email




1.) Thom Rutledge is licensed as an independent practitioner of social work only in the state of Tennessee. ZOOM/Telephone consultations are intended to support your personal growth efforts, and are not to be considered professional counseling or psychotherapy. It is  strongly recommended that you participate in regular counseling sessions with someone in your city.


2.) Any and all content of your communications with Thom will be kept confidential by this office. These communications are, however, are conducted online (email, telephone conversations & video conferencing with ZOOM and are vulnerable to exposure.








Before your first telephone consultation, you are required to complete, sign and return the Statement of Responsibility by 
email ( or by mail (address above).                                                                          


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