The first part of any problem
that I must solve is that
which is between me and me.
-Thom Rutledge
When our emotional center of gravity is firmly balance over our own two feet, then just like when we are physically balanced, we are emotionally grounded and balanced and can realize our potential as a human being.  
-Allen Berger, Ph.D.
When in doubt, ask better questions. Forget rhetorical questions; ask questions with genuine curiosity. Curiosity is the opposite of assumption and is the primary ingredient in respect. 
-Thom Rutledge, LCSW
Good ideas and even the most fascinating concepts do nothing to changes us. Only practice can do that. 
The measure of who we are and how we are doing has less do to with what makes us happy and much more to do with what brings self-respect. Who we are, individually and collectively, is ultimately determined by how we respond to fear and adversity. Anybody can have a good day on a good day.
The video series that preceded the podcast. 
Thom: Rhetorical questions are instruments of stuckness but when we change those to questions asked with genuine curiosity, they become tools to get us unstuck.
Allen: Yes, a good question, asked with an open mind, will deliver us to what is next. Starting Right HERE will always reveal what's next. And that's how we keep moving forward, how we keep ourselves involved with "Post Traumatic Growth."
Thom: PTG, eh? Good one. And yes, moving forward, even when what is next is another good question.
Conversation is collaboration.
We hope that you will join our conversation. 
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